Every Home Has a Flow.

And every listing needs a floor plan. FlōPlan, powered by CubiCasa makes it possible, showcasing the value of the MLS with innovation while creating a new digital asset for agents and consumers. Coming in 2020.


Change the Game in 2020 with FlōPlan

A floor plan on every listing changes the game by changing consumer expectations for what should be standard content for a listing. This kind of meaningful innovation showcases the unique value of MLS cooperation.

Say Goodbye To Expensive, Complicated Floor Plans

Fast, easy and affordable. Download the FlōPlan app with a mobile phone and scan the property. In 24 hours, a complete FlōPlan can be uploaded to the listing. No extra training, equipment (or frustration)! 

Give Agents and Consumers What They Want.

With FlōPlan, consumers instantly see the home’s flow while reviewing listings online, helping them get to important decisions with their agent faster and more informed. 

Fast. Easy. Awesome.

1. Scan The Home
2. From Scan to FlōPlan
3. FlōPlan DONE!

1. Scan The Home

Download the FlōPlan App and scan the home with your mobile phone camera. No special training or extra gear needed.

2. From Scan to FlōPlan

Once the scan is taken, technology goes to work while you get back to work (or play),  transforming a scan into a complete FlōPlan in just 24 hours.

3. FlōPlan DONE!

In just 24 hours, you’ve gone from no plan to a FlōPlan giving consumers what they need and want: to instantly see how a home flows as they review listings online!

Launching in 2020

FlōPlan is launching nationwide in 2020. Sign up to receive information as it becomes available. Or, visit with an FBS employee-owner at an upcoming industry trade show!