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Thank You For Partnering With Us

Thank you for becoming a FlōPlan Marketing Partner. We are so excited to get the word out to your members.

What you want to know about the FlōPlan System


How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on your MLS licensing agreement with FBS.

What’s the difference between what Agents receive when an MLS licenses the FlōPlan System through FBS?

The FlōPlan System functionality is the same for all Flexmls users regardless of retail or licensed versions. The only difference is the per scan price. You have the ability to buy down the cost for your agents through licensing the FlōPlan System by contacting the FBS/FlōPlan Sales Team at sales@floplan.io.

How can Members access the FlōPlan Software?

  • Via the Flexmls System: From the menu and via icons on listing entry and edit listing pages
  • Via FlōPlan.io website login
  • Via downloading the FlōPlan App from the Google Play or Apple Store

How will the FlōPlan System be introduced and promoted to members?

We introduced the FlōPlan System via email and in the Flexmls System. In addition, we encourage you use our MLS Marketing Resources page for pre-built content.

Who Provides Support for the FlōPlan System?

Support needs can be routed through the Flexmls Support line the same as all other support requests.

Will training be provided?

For You, MLS Administrators: Contact our Sales or Customer Success Teams for a demo of the FlōPlan System.
For your members: Regular webinars to get them acquainted with the FlōPlan System will be scheduled. Because the system is so easy, dedicated training really isn’t necessary. A list of upcoming webinars can be found at the Agent Learning Center on the Floplan.io website.

How easy is the FlōPlan System, really

FlōPlan’s innovative mobile scan technology enables an agent or someone the agent invites (photographer, assistant, team member, etc.) to scan a property with just a smartphone in less than 10 minutes. It is so simple that virtually anyone can do it with ease and create an accurate scan the first time. Recently, WR Studios’ Greg Robertson asked his teenage son to perform the scan and was blown away by it’s simplicity, speed and accurate results. We know software companies always say their products are simple, but the FlōPlan App really is so easy that anyone can do it in less than 10 minutes with absolutely no training required.

Where can I go for more information?

A wealth of information can be found across our website and our Agent Learning Center. If you have additional questions you cannot find the answer to, we are here to guide you!


If you have any additional questions please contact Chris Evenson, our Customer Success Director at customersuccess@floplan.io.