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Floor Plans improve listings for everyone

The FlōPlan® System makes it easy to put a floor plan on every one of your listings.

Ready to put a floor plan on this listing? Let’s get Started!


Are you the Seller OR a photographer? Be sure to let the Agent know you’re interested in a floor plan!


Need More Convincing?

Here’s why floor plans are essential to listings

Buyers want them

Annual NAR research tells us that Buyers want floor plans, ranking them just beneath photos and property information for value and importance. Floor plans help buyers instantly see the layout of a home and imagine themselves living in it – or not.

Floor plans sell homes

Floor plans can sell homes faster by providing Buyers with a complete visual of the layout as they’re parsing through listings online, helping them prioritize which properties they want to tour with their Agent and making in-person tours more positive and efficient.

Floor Plans improve listing content

Floor plans are media that improves and enriches the listing content and the MLS database.

Floplan puzzle

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Cynthia Trapp Headshot
“Beyond expectations - I’ve been truly impressed. I use it as a selling point to potential sellers, and love that it provides buyers with an accurate idea of the flow of the house before they ever step foot inside.”
Cynthia Trapp
Cressy & Everett Real Estate
Kat tolbert headshot
“It was unbelievable how easy this was to use and how precise the floorplan turned out. While I was scanning I thought it couldn't possibly work because I wasn't able to get to corners due to furniture, but it turned out great! I really believe it helped to sell a home that had not received much attention as a FSBO. My client loved the floorplan and was surprised at how accurate it appeared to be.”
Kat Tolbert
Tolbert Realtors
John Coley Headshot
Just a quick note to say that I love FloPlan! I plan to make a video about this and feature it as a bonus for my sellers. I showed it to an appraiser here and he is equally amazed. Well done!
John Coley
Lake Martin Voice Realty
Jim Corbin Headshot
I did my first 3 scans the other day. I am really impressed! It was a complicated floor plan. But FloPlan nailed it!
Jim Corbin
Illustrated Properties