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Welcome to the FlōPlan System

Introducing the FlōPlan System! Another stellar benefit for your members!

In 2020, we released the FlōPlan System, a fast and easy mobile app that produces accurate floor plans overnight from scans done with a smartphone that can be easily linked to listings inside the Flexmls System. Thanks to your partnership with FBS, this excellent tool is available to use for your members.

What is FlōPlan?

FlōPlan is a floor plan generating app! The agent or agent collaborator can take a video walkthrough of a property and the next day they will have a complete 2D floor plan ready for their listing. A push of a button from the app instantly links the floor plan to their listing. No other steps required!

Why Did We Create the FlōPlan System?

Simply stated, floor plans make listings better – for everyone.

  • Buyers want them: For years, Buyers have told us that a floor plan is one both valuable and helpful during the homesearch. According to NAR research, consumers rank the importance of a floor plan just beneath photos and property information; it’s hard to imagine that we’ve gone so long without fulfilling that need!
  • Floor plans sell homes: Floor plans can help sell homes faster, providing a buyer with an instant view of the home’s flow. This helps them parse through inventory and build a list of properties to walk through with their agent that meet their needs.
  • Floor plans improve the listing record: Floor plans improve and enrich the listing record and the MLS database.

How Much Does it Cost?

Each floor plan scan submitted is $29. Members pay per-scan through the FlōPlan software.

How Can Members Access the FlōPlan Software?

Members will be able to access a few ways:

  • Via the Flexmls System: From the menu and via icons on listing entry and edit listing pages
  • Via FlōPlan.io website login (Web app)
  • Via downloading the FlōPlan App from the Google Play or Apple Store

How will the FlōPlan System be introduced and promoted to members?

We will be introducing members to the FlōPlan System via email and Flexmls integration points. This means that the FlōPlan App can be easily accessed from the Flexmls System. In addition, we encourage you to sign up to receive pre-built marketing materials and peruse existing content to help promote floor plans on listings.

Tell your members

Would you like to be a part of the FlōPlan journey? We have created marketing materials just for you, that way all you have to do is copy, paste, and send to your members. Sign up to receive pre-built marketing content and reminders from the FlōPlan Team.

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Who Provides Support for the FlōPlan System?

Support needs can be routed through the Flexmls Support line the same as all other support requests. Or our dedicated support email at support@floplan.io.

Will training be provided?

For You, MLS Administrators: Join us at our upcoming webinars to see it in action and ask questions.

For your members: Regular webinars to get them acquainted with the FlōPlan System can be found at the Agent Learning Center on the Floplan.io website. Because the system is so easy, dedicated training typically isn’t necessary.

How easy is the FlōPlan System, really?

FlōPlan’s innovative mobile scan technology enables an agent or someone the agent invites (photographer, assistant, team member, etc.) to scan a property with just a smartphone in less than 10 minutes. It is so simple that virtually anyone can do it with ease and create an accurate scan the first time. WR Studios’ Greg Robertson asked his teenage son to perform the scan and was blown away by it’s simplicity, speed and accurate results.

What’s Next?

We will:

  1. Send an announcement to your members in the coming weeks.
  2. Host ongoing beginner webinars so they can see FlōPlan in action.
  3. Follow up with periodic emails and professional communication to your members during the year to remind them.

You can:

  1. Encourage your members to add a floor plan to every listing. Floor plans improve the market and the experience for everyone (The MLS, Brokers + Agents and consumers), showcasing the powerful value of the MLS. (Only the MLS can do that!)
  2. Sign up here to receive our pre-created marketing materials. This page includes pre-written emails, graphics and videos to help get your members informed and excited about FlōPlan with ZERO work for you. Just cut-paste-send.
  3. Share our webinar for beginners. Shoot us an email at customersuccess@floplan.io if you would like to coordinate a website landing page specific to your MLS to share upcoming webinar sessions.

Where can I go for more information?

A wealth of information can be found across our website and our Agent Learning Center. If you have additional questions you cannot find the answer to, we are here to guide you!


If you have any additional questions please contact Chris Evenson, our Customer Success Director at customersuccess@floplan.io.