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floplan in a hot market

3 Major Reasons Floor Plans HELP EVERYONE in the Hottest Market

Mar 15, 2021 Kim Prior

Time… Precious Time

Buyer’s Agents have no time to preview new listings because they’re selling in a flash. And Buyers can’t get their hands on new listings fast enough! Together with photos, a buyer can make critical decisions faster and in today’s insanely paced market, it could mean the difference between getting the home ….or not.

Eliminate the Distance Handicap

Now more than ever, Buyers are purchasing homes from a distance, regionally and across state lines, without ever setting foot inside. A floor plan instantly shows them the layout, making spatial-sense of the photographs and helping them make more informed, confident decisions – faster. Floor plans are the best relocation tool!

Minimize foot traffic

With the pandemic still impacting major markets across the US, many people would rather not have Buyers in and out of their home. And many Buyers would prefer to narrow their list of homes to visit for the same reason. Floor plans help online buyers instantly understand a property’s flow, spatial relationships and room configurations so they can narrow their list of properties to those that fit their wants and needs.

Buyers and Buyer’s Agents should see your listing’s floor plan the moment it hits the market. Scanning for the floor plan when you take the listing OR when you take listing photos gets a floor plan on your listing the day it goes on the market. With the FlōPlan System, all you need is your smartphone and about 10 minutes to get it done. And if you’d rather your photographer, licensed assistant or team member scan the listing, no problem! The FlōPlan System lets you invite someone to do the scan on your behalf in just a few simple clicks!

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