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Boats on the rising tide

A Floor Plan On Every Listing = the Tide that Lifts All Boats.

Aug 10, 2020 Kim Prior

Ever hear that famous saying by John F. Kennedy, “The rising tide lifts all the boats”? When I think about how this phrase applies to real estate, data standards are the first thing that come to mind: applied universally, the experience improves for everyone. Floor plans can have that same positive network effect: while floor plans on just a few listings within a market won’t shift the overall experience, a floor plan on every listing will elevate the experience marketwide, for everyone.

Consider that consumers consistently rank floor plans in the top 3 things they expect from online real estate listings, right beneath photos and property information. Today, property information and photos are basic expectations. Why did we stop right there? If it’s the #3 most wanted, why do so few listings include a floor plan?

Technology Obstacles. Historically, floor plan technology has proven pricey and over-complicated, often requiring extra equipment, training and a decent time investment. Translation: too costly, complicated and cumbersome for mainstream.

The FlōPlan® System eliminates…no, obliterates the obstacles. With just a mobile phone, in less than 10 minutes, for less than the cost of a restaurant burger and fries, an agent (or agent- delegate) scans and uploads the scan from a mobile device. In about a day, they’ll receive a completed floor plan that’s easily linked to the listing within their MLS System. One phone. One scan. One-touch upload. Delivered and live in one day.

With the FlōPlan System, MLS leaders gain a new digital asset and a powerful, innovative member-tool that directly serves an clearly defined consumer need, capable of elevating their entire market and emphasizing (if not proudly showcasing) their unique core value of cooperation. A floor plan on every listing doesn’t just make the market work, it makes the market work better.

The FlōPlan System raises the tide and lifts all the boats. Now sure feels like a great time to lift all of the boats, for the industry. Together.

Get on board – email us for more information at sales@fbsdata.com.

Ahoy until next time,

– Kim

PS – Big shout out and cheers to MichRIC, going LIVE with FloPlan today!