After Scanning a Home

Dusty J

Will I get an email stating that their FloPlan is ready?

Yes! Be sure to double check your spam folder if you have not received your floor plan in a day or so!

After scanning property, does location appear right away?

Yes, after the scanning process is complete, the next step is that the app will use the device’s location services and prompt the user to select a location. Location services require the user to approve that FloPlan can access their location. Location services are not required to use FloPlan, if the user does not want to share their location. If the address does not show up automatically, it can be entered manually.

Where does Pending Show?

I assume this is pending when the user does not have a payment method on file. They can see that the status of their scan will indicate that payment is required. Right now, it says “Payment Processing” but that may be updated. The status of floor plans can be seen from the scan list both in the native apps and on the web app.