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What is FlōPlan®?

FlōPlan is a floor plan creation and integration system that integrates directly with MLS software. Agents use the FlōPlan mobile app and phone camera to scan a home with a quick walk-through of a home, submit their scan, and receive a complete floor plan that they can link directly to their MLS listings.

As a website or software developer, how do I access and display the floor plans created by agents and brokers using FlōPlan?

This can be accomplished by using the FlōPlan API.

Are there any costs associated with the FlōPlan API?

FlōPlan API access is available for IDX website developers, agents, and brokers. If you are not an IDX website developer, agent, or broker please reach out to the FlōPlan / FBS team for more information on pricing and implementation.

Is the FlōPlan API compatible with the RESO Web WPI?

Yes! The FlōPlan API is built on the RESO Web API real estate industry standard.

I’m looking to access the FlōPlan API on behalf of a national syndicator, portal, or other non-IDX product vendor. What do I need to do?

Please contact the FBS / FlōPlan team for more information and pricing details.

I already have access to listing data via a RETS feed or the Spark API. Will FlōPlan floor plans be included in my current data package?

They will not. You’ll need to request floor plan data from the FlōPlan API separately.

How do I sign up to access the FlōPlan API?

Similar to the authorization process for RETS feeds, a special form will need to be completed and authorized by the MLS. Details on the authorization process and how to move forward can be found on the FlōPlan API Registration page.

What If I have many different agent or broker clients with separate websites in this same MLS? Do I need to obtain separate approval for each individual website, agent, or broker?

The answer to this question depends on how each of your clients’ websites are hosted. Two scenarios apply:

  1. If all of your clients’ websites utilize the same host and you directly control administration for each website there is no need to obtain more than one approval or access token per MLS. A single approval and API access token will suffice.
  2. If you utilize more than one host for your clients’ websites, or your product’s hosting is determined individually by each client (such as a WordPress plugin or other kind of IDX plugin) you will need to obtain multiple access tokens. Learn more

If I’m approved to access the FlōPlan API, what happens next?

FBS will create and email you a permanent (non-expiring) API access token, along with introductory documentation that fully covers how to begin retrieving data from the FlōPlan API.

Can data be replicated from the FlōPlan API?

Data replication is not allowed when using the FlōPlan API. All data must be retrieved live from the API and cannot be stored locally. Stated another way, any time a user views a FlōPlan floor plan on your website you must make a call to the FlōPlan API to retrieve that data.

I’d like more technical information. Where can that be found?

Full technical documentation can be found at https://sparkplatform.com/docs/floplan_reso/overview.

Who do I contact for FlōPlan API support?

Any technical questions or concerns can be submitted via our API support form.