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Billing - Pricing

Dusty J

What is the cost for each floor plan?

Members of MLSs with a FlōPlan enterprise license receive a discounted price of $12 per completed floor plan. If your MLS does not have an enterprise license for the FloPlan System, your cost is $29 per completed floor plan. Keep an eye out for emails and tips within Flexmls for announcements on features and pricing. To confirm your pricing, sign in to the FlōPlan web-app with the following steps.

  1. Click “Login” on the FlōPlan website
  2. Choose your MLS by name
  3. Login using your MLS credentials
  4. Click “Account” in the main app menu.
  5. Then find “Manage payment method
  6. Here, you can view your current cost per processed floor plan (The entire scan you create with the mobile app) and can proceed with adding a payment method.

***You are not charged based on the square footage / size of the listing.***

I’m not sure if I belong to a licensed or non-licensed MLS. Where can I look up my price?

When you login to the FlōPlan website app, navigate to the account link in the menu, then Manage payment method. Here you will see your lowest available pricing and may add or update your preferred payment method.

I am a member of a licensed MLS and a non-licensed MLS. What is my cost?

The FlōPlan System automatically applies the lowest price to your account. Don’t forget, for your convenience, you can link up to 5 MLS accounts from other FlōPlan-enabled MLSs to a single FlōPlan account.

Is there an ongoing subscription cost OR other costs?

No, not at this time. Currently, the FlōPlan System is a simple, pay-per-floor plan model. You pay as you scan/create each floor plan.

Are there any other costs to use the FlōPlan System?

No. That’s it – simple.

Where do I enter my billing information?

Billing information is managed via the FlōPlan web app on our website. Just hit the “Login” button in the menu. The mobile app is simply used for scanning and linking listing, but does not include billing management due to app restrictions.

Enter Your Payment Method

What do the scan statuses represent?

  • Payment Processing: Waiting for Payment, if you have not already done so, you will want to enter a payment method for your scans to be processed via the web app.
  • Processing: After submitting a scan successfully, the magic of floor plan technology will begin, you will receive an email when your floor plan is complete.
  • Complete: Your floor plan is complete and ready to upload to your listing.

Who should I contact about issues with my credit card?

Our support team would be happy to help with any billing obstacles you may have! Please send any billing questions to billing@floplan.io and one of our FlōPlan pros will get back to you as soon as possible!