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FlōPlan Distribution Update

Jul 22, 2021 Dusty J

FlōPlan Distribution Update (Spark API / RETS)

Beginning August 5th, floor plans linked to listings from the FlōPlan System will become available through Spark API and RETS.

What Has Changed?

Floor plans will now be available via existing Spark API and RETS feeds. Floor plans will follow the distribution rules of the listing for the purposes of this feature. This feature will be on by default for all data consumers. However, the ability to turn off access to floor plans is available.

Why Did We Make These Changes?

Since the release of the FloPlan API, adoption of the FlōPlan API by vendors has been very low. Agents expect their floor plans to be on their IDX sites and not having this feature slows adoption of FloPlan. Agents were more likely to go around the linking feature and add floor plans as images in order to get them distributed, which takes those floor plans outside of distribution through the FloPlan API. This approach makes floor plans available through Spark and RETS, so data consumers have little to do to adopt floor plans.

What else?

  • MLS’s can approve or revoke access for vendors by contacting api-support@floplan.io.
  • Brokers can manage distribution channels in Flexmls (or their home MLS system, if implemented).
  • Agents can manage the listing distribution controls in Flexmls (or their home MLS system, if implemented)
  • FloPlan data will also be automatically added to Spark API and Flexmls RETS feeds in the form of listing photo URLs.
  • If you currently use a Spark API or Flexmls RETS feed to retrieve listing photo URLs no changes are necessary on your end in relation to this announcement.  The data will simply begin flowing through your existing photo pipeline as of August 5th, 2021.

Further details can be found in our “Accessing FloPlan Data Using the RESO Web API” guide.