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Introducing FlōPlan® by FBS

Jun 16, 2020 Dusty J

Every home buyer wants to know the flow of a home. Unfortunately, only around 1% of home listings include a floor plan. Historically, creating a floor plan has been difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

Until Now!

Imagine: floor plans on every MLS home listing. Consumers are increasingly searching for properties online. In the age of instant information, consumers expect most home details to be available on the internet.

According to the NAR 2020 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Study; Floorplans were the 3rd most valued asset in their online home search. This has been consistent for several years. The introduction of photos as a standard for listings was revolutionary in both creating buyer interest and saving agents time. What better way to continue to increase the value of your listings than showing the flow of a home through a floor plan?

FBS is excited and proud to introduce FloPlan, powered by CubiCasa. Floplan is the easiest and most affordable way to add a floor plan to every listing. A floor plan on every listing is a game-changing innovation that only the MLS can deliver market-wide, proving again that the MLS makes the market work. Once an MLS licenses FloPlan, members can simply download the App, walk through a home, and scan a property directly from their mobile phone. Thanks to the app’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence, a complete floor plan will be returned in only 24 hours. (Monday through Friday)

With a FloPlan, comparing and selecting homes has never been easier! Sellers get to show off their home and buyers gain an instant understanding of the home’s flow as they’re viewing listing details and photos online. For agents, FloPlan changes the game with affordability and simplicity. There’s no experience, training or extra equipment needed. In 24 hours, your FloPlan is available and ready to be uploaded directly to the listing.

Are you ready to elevate your MLSs home listings? Join the evolution!