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Managing Your FlōPlan Account

Dusty J

Is the login for FlōPlan the same Username and Password that’s used for flexmls?

Yes! If your email is not using Flexmls, you would use the same credentials that you use to log into your MLS system.

Where can I enter my payment method?

On the web app, under the account menu is “Manage Payment Method” where you can enter your desired payment method.

Where are FlōPlan notification emails sent?

We’ll use your primary email address from your MLS credentials to send email notifications and email updates.

Will the video show who scanned it so Member/Public can see who scanned it? Showing member information?

We take privacy seriously. The FlōPlan user and any user collaborating on the specific floor plan can see who scanned the property in FlōPlan. That information is not displayed on the floor plan itself. It is not publicly available.

How do I find the listing number or address to link my floor plan?

Members can find their listings to link to in a few ways:

  • FlōPlan will try to find the right listing by using location
  • Your can also browse their listings by status
  • You can search by address or MLS number

Do you have to have location services turned on the phone

Location services are not required to use FlōPlan. Location services are used find the right address and used to intelligently identify listings for potential linking.

Can you add a FlōPlan to an Incomplete listing?


How long does it take for a change to take place to a video after a request is sent?

The turn around time for a fix request is generally 1 business day. Users receive emails notifying them when their fix request is submitted and when it is complete.