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Room Dimensions Coming

Room Dimensions

Sep 15, 2020 Dusty J

Room Dimensions Coming September 17th

Floor plans on listings help browsing homebuyers understand the flow of the home. But what if they want to know if their couch will fit in the living room? Now the FlōPlan® System can help answer that question quickly by allowing you to share a floor plan with room dimensions.

What Has Changed?

You now have the option to share or export a floor plan to include dimensions should the buyer request it.

Note: Floor plans created with the FlōPlan System are designed to showcase the flow of a home. Dimensions calculated using the FlōPlan technology depend on the quality of the property scan and are approximate only. Given the variance in accuracy, only floor plans without dimensions can be linked directly to a listing via the FlōPlan App. Your previous scans will also have access to dimensions starting 9/17.

FloPlan does not currently provide ANSI Standard measurements.

Why Are We Making These Changes?

Including room dimensions on floor plans makes it easier for you to meet the needs of your clients. You can quickly and easily answer questions about general room sizes by creating a floor plan for the property. Or, if you’d like to offer a floor plan as a closing gift for home buyers, you can include the dimensions of the rooms in their new home to facilitate remodeling projects.