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FloPlan Puzzle pieces of the listing make a floor plan

Floor Plans: The Big Picture

Feb 8, 2021 Kim Prior

The Big Picture

Listing photos are great but much like puzzle pieces, they don’t provide a complete picture of the property until they’re “put together”. Floor plans bring the spatial-elements of listing photos together as the big picture, showing the relationship between spaces and rooms and delivering an instant, complete, picture of a property’s layout. Floor plans help Buyers envision themselves inside the home.

Better and Easier

Without a floor plan, the Buyer must do the heavy lifting of “imagining” the property’s layout, mentally stringing together individual photos to create a perception of the property layout. Oftentimes, as the front door opens, the perception they imagined doesn’t match the reality. That “missed expectation” wastes valuable time and can lead to disappointment. Floor plans eliminate the guesswork and neutralize the perception-reality gap by providing a concrete and instant visual depiction of the actual layout. With floor plans, Buyers are more informed and confident creating a more efficient and positive in-person experience between them and their Agent. Win-win.

Need to Have (vs. nice to have)

In today’s virtual-dominant environment (especially in our accelerated housing market), online home searching is the norm. Providing Buyers with the most complete and accurate property information so they can parse through many listings and make early decisions is central to their overall experience. A floor plan on the listing helps the Buyer instantly understand the property’s flow and decide whether it’s worth touring in-person or not. This saves valuable time and energy and creates a more positive in-person experience with their Agent.

The FlōPlan® System – The Best, Easiest and Most Affordable Solution

The FlōPlan® System is licensed at the MLS level so the entire market can benefit from a floor plan on every listing. Once licensed, the FlōPlan Team works closely with the MLS to provide professional marketing materials so the MLS can begin implementing a new standard for listings with floor plans as part of every listing taken. Using both AI and machine learning, the innovative FlōPlan System creates awesome floor plans overnight from 10 minute scans done with a smartphone; no training or extra equipment required. Easy, simple and affordable technology that makes the market work better for everyone and gives real estate customers precisely what they need.

Interested in the FlōPlan System for your MLS? Reach out to us for a demo.