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Tips Before You Scan

Jun 16, 2020 Dusty J

Scanning a home with FlōPlan App is quick and easy, when you follow these simple guidelines…

One Scan, One Floor Plan

Don’t forget to keep scanning through the entire home in one video! The technology needs to see an uninterrupted scan of the home for best results.

Make Sure The Space is Well Lit

Before you get started, make sure the space is well lit and free from obstructions. Turn on all lights and open doors and window blinds. While doing this, plan a fluid route for scanning that involves the least amount of backtracking.

Hold Your Phone in Landscape Mode

Scanning works only in landscape mode rather than vertical. Turn your phone counter clockwise so that the “start” button is upright.

Scan Slow and Steady

Avoid rapid movement! Hold the camera steady with both hands and move at a normal walking pace. Scanning too quickly may cause processing issues.

Start On the Lowest Floor

If the home has multiple floors, start at the lowest floor and work your way up. To eliminate unnecessary backtracking, plan a clockwise route around the space.

Scanning the Stairs

When you reach the stairs, tilt the phone upwards as you climb them, and tilt back downwards as you reach the top.

Avoid the Ceiling!

Only the bottom 3 feet of the wall is needed during the scan, hold your device at chest height and aim down at the area where the wall meets the floor, 3-8 ft in front of you. Walk slowly and steadily parallel to the wall, rather than sideways facing the wall. Turns should be slow and steady as well.

Scan Small Rooms from the Doorway

Avoid entering small rooms, such as bathrooms or closets. Simply scan them from the doorway, and back away, maintaining a continuous scan between the floor spaces as you go.

Stop to Scan Windows

When you encounter wall features like cabinets and windows, tilt the phone upwards slightly until only the bottom edge is visible, then tilt back downwards to resume scanning. Again, be careful to avoid scanning the ceiling!

Most Furniture Does Not Need to Be Moved

There is no need to move things like beds or couches to receive an accurate floor plan. As long as a portion of the wall where the floor meets the wall is visible you are good to go. If there are items that are blocking visibility to the entire wall or to appliances and other items shown on a floor plan, we would recommend that you clear those items prior to scanning.

As long as you keep these tips in mind, your floor plan will come back flawless!

Happy Scanning!