Creating a Scan

Dusty J

Can you start a video and save as a draft and come back to it later?

Property scans must be taken in one continuous video. It’s not possible to start and stop a property scan to complete later. Complete property scans can be saved as a draft to return to later for upload and processing.

Do I need to have airplane mode on to create a scan?

No, the user is not forced to turn on airplane mode. It is recommended to use airplane mode to avoid interruptions such as incoming calls or text messages, however.

Is there going to be a walk-through / video training for how to use the app?

A tutorial will be available when first logging in. This is always available in the main menu, if you would like to watch again.

Is there a time limit for how long the video can be?

Not technically. As you might expect, longer videos take up more space on the device, take longer to process and longer to upload.