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Mobile App Vs Web App

Sep 1, 2020 Dusty J

You have likely noticed some differences between the FlōPlan® Mobile App and the web app through the floplan.io website. We want to make sure you know the capabilities of each one and what they have in common!

Mobile App Only Features (Smartphones and Ipads)

  • Create a video scan of a home to submit for processing.
  • Direct sharing of your floor plans.

Web App Only Features (floplan.io website)

  • Add/edit payment method
  • Request a fix to a processed floor plan
  • Download floor plans in specific filetypes/formats

Features Included on Both App Types

  • Create your account
  • View your floor plans
  • Link floor plans to your listings
  • Share floor plans (with or without dimensions)
  • Invite Collaborators
  • Manage collaborators
  • Manage email notifications