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Rescan to complete floor plan

Rescan a Property

Oct 14, 2020 Dusty J

Unable to process your scan?

Rescan a Property beginning October 28th!

99% of scans are successfully processed into floor plans, but for those that may need to try again, you’ll be able to rescan a property.

What Has Changed?

Previously, if a scan was “unable to process,” a completely new scan needed to be created and paid for. Now you can rescan a property labeled as “unable to process” and submit it to be updated at no additional cost and without needing to create a new address profile in the FlōPlan mobile app.

Why Did We Make These Changes?

A small portion of scans (around 1%) are unable to process due to the quality or length of the scan or because the camera did not pick up drawable features. We wanted to make sure that you could redo an unsuccessful scan without extra cost.

Things to Know

If for any reason your scan is not successful, there is no time limit on rescanning. You can go ahead and rescan when you are ready!