Uploading a Listing

Dusty J

Will the agent need an account in each MLS?

To access FlōPlan as an agent, the user will need to use credentials for an MLS that has licensed FlōPlan. Only once the MLS has licensed FlōPlan, then will the agent be able to use those credentials with FlōPlan. If the MLS has not licensed FlōPlan, the user will not be able to access the app with those credentials.

If I have a single listing in multiple MLSs, will they be able to load it into both or more MLSs’?

FlōPlan users will be able to link listings from FlōPlan to their listings in any MLS that has licensed FlōPlan.

What if it is an MLS that is not currently using Flexmls?

FlōPlan is available to all MLSs regardless of what MLS system they are utilizing. Logins are determined with each MLS.